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In 2016 about $7 billion was lost to bots through click fraud


Are you involved? Let’s just find out!


Introducing SEMSentinel

A unique, brand new solution to an age old problem.

SEMSentinel has a specially developed Quality Score system. The only tool of its type on the market SEMSentinel quickly spots low quality (eg.: fake news, junk science), low conversion display network sites and cuts them out of your network.
53 domain parameters tested
Smart machine learning
Low value domains blocked FAST

If you are :


Tired of wasting money on so-called ‘viral’ and ‘click bait’ sites?

Want to target just the trustworthy, profitable domains?
Time to smash ROI?
Time to slash Google Display Network spend?

You bet! But identifying which of the 1000’s of domains are good and which are bad has always been a nightmare. Slow, painstaking and expensive. More luck than judgement.

Until now!

Currently in private closed beta testing we’d like to extend an invitation.


An invitation to our Open Beta Testing due to commence on 01.02.2017.


Spaces are strictly limited so don’t delay. Secure Free Beta Test today.

Just some of the ways that SEMSentinel will make your marketing better:

Save time

Automatic site evaluation. No crazy slow manual checks.

Quick block

Block a domain in a single click. (Account & MCC level blocking is coming soon.) and start targeting your spend more efficiently!

Crystal clear insights

Insight and overview as one plus quick new domain reviews

Real time domain data collection

24/7 data collection that gives you up to the minute domain information.

Cloud and big data ready

Use the latest UI technologies: Angular, Material Design.

Automated Management (coming soon)

Added time savings with automated rule based domain blocking.

Don’t waste another penny on irrelevant, expensive Adsense sites. 

Use SEMSentinel to target your ad spend at only the very best value and trustworthy domains.

How SEMSentinel Works

A dedicated ad placement management tool SEMSentinel gives you all the ad domain performance data you need. Instant insight that means you can quickly remove dud domains from all your accounts.

An in depth analysis of 53 domain characteristics (derived from both third party sources and our own user base) enables SEM Sentinel to expertly calculate a quality score for each domain. Using the Quality Score you can spot and stop serving ads on objectionable domains faster than ever.

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